Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The ElectroClave Is the Only Technology That Disinfects and Ensures Compliance. Here's Why That Is Key to Preventing Spread of COVID-19.

Healthcare has been absolutely swamped by this coronavirus pandemic, to say the least. The scrutiny on things like cross-contamination has dramatically increased and for good reason. Fortunately, Seal Shield has been developing products to combat a threat like this for quite some time and has products that are specifically tailored to help your organization combat this crisis.

In December, Seal Shield had our annual corporate retreat on a cruise to Mexico. It’s crazy to think such a thing was possible such a short time ago. During the retreat, we had daily meetings where we discussed things like product development and financial reports. On the first day of meetings, (I swear on my life this is true) our company’s CEO, Brad Whitchurch, showed us a video with clips from the movie Contagion and gave us a spiel on how our products could serve to assist healthcare in the case of such an event. I am told that he had shown this video at several trade shows to people who are now recognizing its prophetic nature.

Life Imitates Art

Though he may have been accused of being a bit dramatic a few months ago, it’s clear now that he was 100% correct. And if you look at the CDC recommendations for healthcare organizations who are treating COVID-19, you will marvel at how our products are designed to apply their recommended protocol. For example, the CDC has specifically singled out keyboards as a surface in which the coronavirus can persist unless it is being consistently disinfected. Our washable keyboards and computer mice are medical-grade, washable and even come with antimicrobial product protection.

However, the ElectroClave is on a whole different level in helping prevent cross-contamination. It’s a UV disinfection box that can rid mobile devices of up to 99.9999% of pathogens, while also keeping track of the disinfection cycles of all devices in an organization. If you look at the latest CDC recommendations, it’s almost like the ElectroClave was specifically designed and manufactured in the last week to help fight this crisis.

Hospital Preparedness for COVID-19

One of the key pieces of information provided by the CDC is the COVID-19 hospital preparedness checklist. One of their biggest concerns (number 7 on the checklist) is environmental cleaning. Seal Shield has long been a proponent of ensuring that common surfaces don’t disrupt an organization’s hand hygiene. The fourth bullet point under that section reads “Facility has a process to ensure shared or non-dedicated equipment is cleaned and disinfected after use according to manufacturer’s recommendations.” This is the key factor that differentiates the ElectroClave as the best solution in the market.

The ElectroClave has a software package available for purchase that can manage devices via an RFID software backbone, while disinfection reminders and compliance monitoring are accomplished via push notifications through the accompanying app. I cannot reiterate this enough: this is the solution you need to help reduce cross-contamination during this COVID-19 crisis we are facing and after it has passed.

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