Thursday, March 5, 2020

Coronavirus 2020 Is the Year of the Waterproof Mouse

Ok, so according to the Chinese zodiac cycle, it’s actually the year of the rat. But perhaps we can amend that just a tad. Historically, rats have been known to spread disease. However, waterproof mice are one of the best ways to help eliminate cross-contamination and maintain good hand hygiene in 2020.

Computer mice can perhaps spread diseases just as effectively as regular mice. According to this study, they contain over 40,000 more bacteria than a toilet handle. Keyboards, on average, are even dirtier. In fact, they are a large factor in cross-contamination in healthcare, offices and even people’s homes. If 2020 is going to be the year of the coronavirus, the worst pandemic in quite some time, it should also be the year that we take a closer look at our own hand hygiene habits.

Year of Good Hand Hygiene

Due to the coronavirus, I’ve seen grocery stores with empty shelves where there used to be soap and cleaning supplies. My first thought when I see this is “Weren’t these people using soap before this pandemic happened?” When this pandemic passes, we must be sure to continue this newly acquired dedication to good hand hygiene. Washing your hands with soap is essential, pandemic or not.

The other half to this equation is what happens after you wash your hands. For example, touching a dirty bathroom door handle right after washing your hands can easily send you back to square one. That’s why I always use a paper towel to open bathroom doors and recommend others to do the same. Keyboards and mice can have a similar effect and undo your handwashing as soon as you get back to your desk. It’s particularly bad when you share a computer with others.

The Coronavirus is a Wake-Up Call

The coronavirus has been terrible thus far, particularly in China, Italy and South Korea. Hopefully though, we use it as a wake-up call to improve our hand hygiene. If you weren’t consistently washing your hands with soap before, use this as an excuse to start. If you didn’t typically disinfect commonly used surfaces, it’s not too late. And if you never thought to get a medical waterproof mouse before, now might be a time to start.

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