Thursday, March 19, 2020

Can the ElectroClave Help With COVID-19? It Can Help With a Lot Worse.

There are a series of precautions relegated to autoclave related activities that take place in certain biological labs. These precautions are Biological Safety Levels (BSL) and essentially the higher the level, the more dangerous the organism being researched and therefore the larger the safeguards that need to be implemented for personnel. As I go through the different levels, think about what you’ve been seeing on the news recently and try to predict which level the novel coronavirus falls under.

Biosafety Level 1

The lowest biosafety level is designated to lab settings in which workers interact with low-risk microbes that have minimal to no threat of infection in healthy adults. A common example of such a microbe would be a nonpathogenic strain of E. coli.

Biosafety Level 2

This level covers labs that work with human diseases that pose a moderate health hazard. The types of agents that are present in this level are HIV and staph infections. As a result of the increased risk, there are of course greater precautions being put in place to protect the lab personnel. Additionally, outside personnel are typically barred from entering while testing is being conducted.

Biosafety Level 3

This is where it starts to get pretty intense. This level is for microbes whose effects are so serious, that the research is meticulously controlled and registered with the proper government agencies. The microbes in this category are that are often exotic and can cause potentially lethal disease through inhalation. Examples include yellow fever and West Nile virus. Access to these types of labs are restricted and controlled at all times.

Biosafety Level 4

These are very uncommon and extremely isolated. These represent the worst of the worst- highly dangerous and exotic. Infections caused by these types of microbes are typically deadly and come without treatment or a cure. Personnel that work here must wear a full-body, air-supplied, positive pressure suit.

Where Does COVID-19 Fit in All of This?

Where do you think COVID-19 stands in this hierarchy? Based on all the panic and fatalities, you would probably expect this coronavirus to be in the BSL-4 category. If you go by the panic caused to countries like Italy and South Korea, it would seem like COVID-19 could be a whole new category, BSL-5. Surprisingly enough, it’s actually being categorized as BSL-2 by the CDC.

The ElectroClave Can Help Ease Your Worries About Coronavirus

The ElectroClave UV-C disinfection box is currently in operation disinfecting mobile devices by the CDC themselves. It’s being used to disinfect mobile devices in BSL-4 labs, who are also using our breakthrough software to ensure compliance. Yes, it is currently being used for disinfection in the labs that research the most horrible agents on the planet- even more horrible than the coronavirus. There is no more comprehensive solution out there today than the ElectroClave and none that is being used by more credible authorities.

For those who are worried about COVID-19, there is significant research already done that indicates that UV-C is highly effective at deactivating coronaviruses on surfaces. Seal Shield is here for you. We’ve been preparing for such a pandemic for quite some time and have a whole suite of products designed for reducing cross-contamination in day to day and also in times of terrible crisis.

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