Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Screen Protectors Aren’t Just for When Your Phone Falls on the Ground

When you think of the words “screen protector,” I’m sure you can see a montage in your head of all the different places you’ve dropped your phone- in a parking lot, off of your bedside table, maybe even on the stairs, if you were particularly unlucky. I once dropped my phone on the floor of a nightclub only to have someone vomit on it immediately after. It traumatized me from ever wanting to take my phone out of my pocket. Nonetheless, I’m sure everyone can remember at least a few times that they were grateful for having a screen protector.

Being able to withstand impact is just the tip of the iceberg, however. Seal Screen, the latest in screen protection technology from Seal Shield, is also aimed at helping protect your phone from all the gross bacteria that accumulates on it, as opposed to just your clumsiness. You see, most phones including iPhones and Samsung phones actually cannot be properly disinfected without damaging them. So many people will use their phone for years, without ever properly disinfecting them. It’s because of this that cell phones contain more bacteria on average than toilet seats. Think about it. Most people disinfect their toilets pretty frequently, but rarely if ever, disinfect their cell phones.

That’s why Seal Screen was engineered to have the ability to withstand harsh cleaning products so that you can properly disinfect your phone. Additionally, Seal Screen also comes with anti-microbial product protection, making this the best solution for preventing your phone from becoming the premier hangout spot for all the bacteria in your life.

Seal Screen isn’t even limited to just phones. The reason why they are so effective is that they were specifically built as a solution for the medical industry. Seal Screen is custom made and can fit on any type of screen or monitor. They have been custom made for vital signs monitors as well as anesthesia monitors. They have been implemented at many of the top healthcare organizations, but are available for anyone or any company that wants to improve hand hygiene and prevent their phones from spreading sickness. Whether you are a hospital, restaurant, any organization that uses tablets or just a germ-conscious individual, Seal Shield can make a custom screen protector to fit your needs.

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