Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Coronaviruses Can Remain Infectious on Inanimate Surfaces for up to 9 Days. Here’s What to Do.

The efficacy of facemasks is questionable at best. People who wear them may look like they are quite prepared for the coronavirus epidemic, but likely aren’t nearly as prepared as they seem. Face masks can prevent wearers from breathing in particles as small as 0.3 microns, but coronavirus particles measure between 0.05 and 0.2 microns in diameter, according to a recent article in The Lancet. Do the math.

Cross-contamination is the Biggest Issue

A far more dangerous risk is to touch a surface that has been contaminated with the coronavirus. Human coronaviruses have been found to stay on surfaces such metal, glass or plastic surfaces for as long as nine days if that surface had not been disinfected, according to a study published earlier this month in The Journal of Hospital Infection. The same research found that the coronavirus “can be efficiently inactivated by surface disinfection procedures.”

While it may seem quite worrying that the virus can survive for so long on surfaces, we should be happy that the research also provides us with an actionable takeaway that can help keep us safe. Most surfaces such as tables and counters can indeed be disinfected without a fuss. We just have to also concern ourselves with surfaces that don’t typically get disinfected such as keyboards and tablets.

Handwashing Isn’t Enough

Many items in an office such as keyboards, mice and even tablets will get touched by many people in an office, but never get disinfected. While it’s entirely possible to ensure consistent handwashing for yourself, the majority of people don’t effectively wash their hands with soap and can disrupt your hand hygiene by contaminating the surfaces you touch. That’s why items that are typically damaged by disinfection such as keyboards, mice and touchscreens pose such a unique threat especially in the face of the coronavirus.

This is a time when it’s become especially important to use waterproof medical-grade computer keyboards and waterproof desktop mice as well as screen protectors for your touchscreens. Seal Shield’s famous washable keyboards and mice can be disinfected in many effective ways. They can be sprayed down, soaked in bleach and even placed in a dishwasher. Pretty much any disinfection routine that works for you and makes you feel comfortable is compatible with Seal Shield’s keyboards and mice.

Additionally, touchscreen surfaces such as phones and tablets are typically some of the dirtiest household items... and that’s without a deadly epidemic to worry about. Nowadays, they should be a cause of great concern. One thing that I highly recommend is to look into Seal Screen. Seal Screen is a medical-grade screen protector that provides antimicrobial product protection as well as the ability to be properly disinfected. It’s really the next level of screen protection. Those who work in an office where multiple people share the same surfaces should definitely keep cross-contamination in mind and look into these solutions for these most hazardous items.

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