Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Washable Keyboards Are a Major Asset in Schools

Orange juice. Cheerios. Vomit. There is seemingly nothing that a kindergartner won’t spill on a computer keyboard. When thirty of them are roaming around in a classroom, it’s impossible to keep track of them all and before you know it, you have some expensive equipment to replace. Kids are being exposed to computers at increasingly younger ages but aren’t getting increasingly cleaner.

One possible solution to this is to make sure your classroom keyboards and mice are waterproof. In doing so, they can withstand the hazards that come with teaching kids. Even if a student were to spill bleach on the keyboard, the only thing that would happen is the keyboard would be disinfected.

Seal Shield’s washable keyboards don’t only withstand the inevitable spills that may happen on your keyboard and mouse, but washing them can also drastically improve hand hygiene, which in turn prevents the spread of illnesses. It’s so easy for illnesses to spread inside of a classroom. One of the most common points of cross-contamination is keyboards. You can implore your students to wash their hands, but even if they comply, their efforts to maintain good hand hygiene would be negated the moment they touch a conventional keyboard.

Keyboards that are used by multiple different students in different class periods are probably the dirtiest item in a classroom- including the gum-infested bottom of desks. In fact, the average keyboard contains almost three times more bacteria than your average public toilet seat. I have to imagine that keyboards in classrooms are far dirtier than your average office keyboards. With 80% of infections being spread through hands, we must be vigilant of the cleanliness of the items we most commonly touch.

Seal Shield’s washable keyboards can withstand most conventional cleaning products and can be disinfected either before a school day or even in between classes. They also come with additional anti-microbial product protection to provide an extra level of cleanliness. They are a medical-grade solution and while originally they were designed with healthcare in mind, the corporate and educational world are starting to adopt them into their workplaces. Some of the keyboards best fit for education are as follows:

Silver Storm™ Washable Keyboard

This keyboard is extremely functional and one of Seal Shield’s most usable keyboards. For those who anticipate heavy data entry or usage of the computer for standardized tests, this line of keyboards is perhaps the best solution available. It’s extremely durable and one of the most kid-friendly keyboards around.

Cleanwipe™ Waterproof Keyboard

These keyboards are particularly popular in dentists’ offices due to the fact that they can be easily wiped down in between patients. This is facilitated by the removable silicone cover. The same logic can be applied to different class periods. Additionally, the lack of cracks and crevices makes this keyboard a lot easier to clean in the case of someone spilling crumbs, glitter or really any minuscule objects onto the keyboard. This one is ideal for those who are worried about spills in addition to recognizing the need for better hand hygiene among students.

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