Monday, January 13, 2020

The Coolest Type of Office Keyboard Are Medical-Grade Keyboards

Sharing a keyboard with a coworker is one of the most unhygienic socially acceptable things you can do. A keyboard is typically far dirtier than your average public toilet seat. You might as well share a toothbrush while you’re at it. Unfortunately, many of us with shared workstations don’t have a choice. This is pretty terrible considering that 70% of people don’t wash their hands with soap. Fortunately, there is a better option than hoping for the statistical anomaly that your coworkers are all in the hygienic 30%. You can get one of the cool washable keyboards that Seal Shield manufactures and are specifically made to maximize hand hygiene.

The benefits of having one of Seal Shield’s washable keyboards are enormous. Not only can you clean them with water, but you can disinfect them with various different cleaning products. On top of that, they also come with anti-microbial product protection. These keyboards were specifically made for hospitals and were designed with input from members of top healthcare organizations such as Johns Hopkins and Yale. However, they also get sold to various different businesses that decided to up their hand-hygiene game.

Some people are really particular about what keyboards they use. They have an attachment to their cool little keyboard they’ve been using for years and can’t imagine using anything else. But the Seal Shield medical keyboards come in so many different types that even the pickiest typists are certain to find a clean keyboard they can use for hours on end. Some of the most popular keyboards are as follows.

Silver Seal™ Glow Waterproof Keyboard

The Silver Seal line are perhaps the most usable keyboards that Seal Shield manufactures. They are excellent for high data entry and I am particularly fond of the Glow model that includes the LED-backlit feature.

Cleanwipe™ Waterproof Keyboard

The Cleanwipe series is my personal favorite. This is actually the keyboard I am using to type this article. I love the way it feels in my hand and love its cool, ergonomic size. This keyboard is really popular in dentists’ offices because of the removable silicone cover. It allows for it to be easily wiped down in between patients.

In the case of an office, you can wipe down your shared keyboard with a disinfecting wipe right after the person you share with finishes their shift. If you are suspicious that your coworker is one of the 70% of people who don’t wash their hands with soap, this is a great tool to ensure they don’t undo your efforts to maintain good hand hygiene.

Seal Glow™ Waterproof Keyboard

This keyboard is unique because it contains zero cracks or crevices. Meaning that if you work with someone who eats at their desk, this keyboard is going to prevent you from having to deal with crumbs getting inside your keyboard. You can just turn it over in front of a trashcan. Plus, you don’t have to worry about damaging it if a drink is spilled on it. You could literally spill bleach on it and the only collateral damage will be to the bacteria on your board.

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