Monday, January 6, 2020

Seal Shield’s Favorite Keyboards for 2020

As we enter the new year, Seal Shield held an internal survey of each employee’s favorite washable keyboards for 2020. We felt that it would be interesting to share what keyboards the keyboard manufacturers actually use in their own headquarters. Without further ado, the favorite keyboards for 2020 (in no particular order) are:

Silver Seal™ Waterproof Keyboard

This standard style keyboard is not only a user favorite, it is also preferred by engineers at Seal Shield. The Silver Seal is ideal for high data entry, as it is very usable. There is also a similar version that comes with an LED-backlit feature, for those who like to type at night.

Cleanwipe™ Waterproof Keyboard

Fun fact: this article was actually typed on a Cleanwipe keyboard. I am a big fan of its ergonomic size and love the texture of it. It comes with a removable cover which makes it super easy to wipe down. This keyboard is one of a kind and if I find an extra one around the office, I will take it home for personal use. Just don’t tell anyone.

Seal Glow™ Waterproof Keyboard

The Seal Glow keyboard is made of silicone and contains zero cracks or crevices, making it really easy to clean. For certain employees who enjoy eating snacks of a cheesy variety while at their desk, this keyboard can be flipped over on top of a trashcan and all the crumbs will be gone. Unlike other keyboards, this one will not accumulate debris under the keys. If you are like a certain Marketing Director and like to enjoy a midday snack at your desk or suspect that other types of debris might make it onto your desk as you work, this keyboard is the one for you.

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