Wednesday, December 18, 2019

This Year’s Flu Season Is Shaping out to Be One of the Worst Ever. Here’s Some New Ways to Stay Safe.

     You might think that you are fully prepared for this particularly active flu season. You’ve gotten your shot, you’re always washing your hands and you’ve successfully avoided your coworker who always comes in with a cough. Seems like you are on a roll. However, if you share a workstation with others there might be a big factor that you are missing: your keyboard and mouse.

     You can avoid the gross old man who always sneezes into the palm of his hands all you want, but if you have to use the same keyboard as him, you are trapped. While you can refuse to shake his hand all you want, the keyboard, unfortunately, does not possess the same luxury.

     Keyboards and mice are already some of the grossest items you can possibly find in an office, containing more bacteria on average than even a toilet seat. During flu season, they become a completely different type of hazard. The flu is incredibly contagious and can be contracted by touching a surface that has been contaminated with the virus.

     The solution to this is to make sure your keyboard and mice are washable. In doing this, you can take an extra step ahead of everyone else in avoiding the flu. Seal Shield’s washable keyboards and washable mice are just as usable and high-quality as any other on the market- they just come with the added ability to be washed.

Some of my favorite keyboards are:

Silver Seal™ Glow Waterproof Keyboard

Cleanwipe™ Waterproof Keyboard

Seal Touch™ Waterproof Keyboard

My favorite mice are:

Silver Storm™ Wireless Waterproof Mouse

Seal Shield™ Wireless Waterproof Mouse

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