Friday, November 1, 2019

There Are No Shortcuts to Effective Infection Prevention

But There Are Simple Solutions That Can Help

Infection prevention is like having a boat with holes in it. You can work your butt off trying to seal several of the holes before your boat sinks, but unless every single one is sealed you are going down. There are several ways that your metaphorical boat can sink without you even realizing.

Computers, while increasing the efficiency of healthcare exponentially, have also brought unforeseen challenges to infection prevention. It’s been demonstrated that the average keyboard is several thousand times dirtier than an average toilet seat. Now ask yourself, if you were a patient, how would you feel if you had a toilet seat at your bedside that the nurses were constantly entering data into.

A mouse is no different. Computer mice are capable of spreading disease just like real mice. Healthcare providers work so hard to ensure that their workstations and person are sanitary. Going back to the boat metaphor, the nurses are like sailors working day and night to get those holes sealed and often times mice and keyboards are the single hole that sinks everyone.

There is no way to cut corners here. And with tens of billions being spent by hospitals annually on healthcare-acquired infections, it’s clear that by spending a bit more on preventative action there could be a huge ROI down the line when patient’s hospitals stays are reduced. And the key thing to remember is that since hand-hygiene is so paramount to any organization, why not just take the extra step and make sure you’re covering all your bases? If you’re already committing to hand hygiene, why not make a full commitment?

In order to not negate the extensive efforts hospitals are making to promote hand-hygiene, it’s essential to make sure you are cleaning your mice and keyboards. How better to do it than to fully submerge it in cleaning solution? Or better yet, put it in a washing machine!

This image may seem a bit odd, but it’s actually the most logical way to clean your keyboard and mice. The only thing you have to do is make sure you are using waterproof computer mice and keyboards. Fortunately, Seal Shield manufactures washable medical mice and keyboards that also feature antimicrobial product protection. They were specifically designed with healthcare in mind- because that’s where lies the least margin of error for proper hand hygiene.

The devices are as easy to use as any other mouse or keyboard. They are built to not compromise usability for safety. You see, it is possible to have both. For those in healthcare, these devices were made for you. For those who aren’t in healthcare but are conscious of spreading germs, these devices offer you the possibility of having a workstation as clean as a nurse’s.

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