Monday, November 18, 2019

New Device Marks Huge Breakthrough in UV-C Light Disinfection

The new ElectroClave is finally here. And it’s setting the tone in many different ways. One of the most important advancements that this new product is bringing is its one-of-a-kind UV-C Light Disinfection technology. It brings to the table a true 360-degree disinfection process.

How? It utilizes filtration media to prevent dust and particulates from entering the bays in order to maximize efficacy by eliminating shadowing. Additionally, its disinfection bays are constructed of quartz to ensure the shelf the mobile device is placed on isn’t shielding any of the UV-C light. So if you insert your phone into the device for a disinfection cycle, there won’t be a spot that remains unaffected by the disinfection process.

Speaking of which, the disinfection process is also something to marvel at. It has customizable cycles based on workflow and efficacy needs ranging from as fast as one minute to the more comprehensive six-log kill rate in six minutes. That’s 99.9999% efficacy. This means you are far more likely to be struck and killed by lightning in your lifetime than a microorganism is to survive six minutes in this device. A microorganism on your phone when you use this cleaning device is like a single guy with a pocketknife going up against the entire US Army.

This may raise some concerns about your phone. “What will become of my phone when I put it in this death machine,” you may be thinking. Turns out that if you’re not an E. coli bacteria, you don’t have to worry. Seal Shield’s UV-C disinfection technology doesn’t generate heat or degrade materials. They conducted 3rd party analysis with Vocera™ to show that after 1 year of continuous exposure under the LEDs, their Vocera Badges had no material degradation. Competitors with far less effective disinfection technology tend to also damage people’s mobile devices, on top of not disinfecting them properly.

Now you might be thinking: Why does that matter? How does this affect me? If you are a healthcare professional, this actually does matter to you. A lot. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 1.7 million people a year are developing healthcare-acquired infections, leading to almost 100,000 annual deaths. Healthcare workers’ failure to wash hands is considered to be a main cause, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. The CDC estimates that 80% of infections are transmitted by hands. But what happens if you touch your unsanitized phone a second after washing your hands? Or worse, what happens if you had previously been interacting with contagious patients?

This is where Seal Shield’s mantra “Prevent Infections. Save Lives,” comes into play. This is why the ElectroClave was invented. There is no more effective way to make sure your mobile devices aren’t getting in the way of your hand-hygiene protocol. It’s imperative that all the hard work nurses do to protect patients from infections isn’t being negated by these devices that have become essential to healthcare.

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