Friday, November 1, 2019

Breakthrough Software is Holding Medical Professionals Accountable for Disinfecting their Phones

You’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars installing state-of-the-art UV light disinfection stations in your clinical workspace. Now unlike the StairMaster you bought yourself last Christmas and haven’t used since January, you can’t afford to let these devices go unused- not with nearly a hundred thousand people dying each year from healthcare-acquired infections. The risk is just too high and stems beyond any one person.

The ElectroClave UV disinfection box was designed and built with exactly this in mind. The manufacturers, Seal Shield, know how many things are on a medical professional’s mind at the same time and that it can be tough to keep track of something that doesn’t feel like an immediate problem. That’s why they teamed up with people from some of the top hospitals in the world to develop software that makes sure that the disinfection stations are being used.

The software keeps track of when each user last disinfected their phone and can even send email and/or text alerts to remind users when a new disinfection cycle is needed. There is also a related mobile app that performs the same function by sending notifications. The software keeps all associated records and provides them to the hospital or organization. It makes keeping track of who’s disinfecting phones effectively an extremely simple process and is a huge time saver.

A huge positive factor of this accountability is the data that comes from it. When everyone in an organization is using the device as expected, the software is keeping hard evidence that they are going the extra mile to keep patients and employees safe. This compliance data serves excellently to show regulators what the hospital is doing. They don’t have to take anyone’s word for it.

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