Tuesday, November 5, 2019

5 Cool Keyboards with Unexpected Functions

1. Cleanwipe Wireless Waterproof Keyboard

Medical-Grade Keyboard

This is the keyboard the keyboard manufacturers use. It’s used in hospitals due to its anti-microbial product protection. Its a dishwasher safe keyboard, which doesn’t sound like a particularly necessary keyboard feature, but it’s actually the best way to clean your keyboard. It’s highly recommended for use with computers that are shared by multiple people and it’s a hit with germophobes everywhere.

2. Seal Glow Silicone Keyboard Backlit Magnetic Backing

The Space Keyboard

This is the keyboard is cool enough to take to outer space. Heck, this is the type of keyboard you would probably find on the Millennium Falcon. Its magnetic backing means that no matter how turbulent your work station gets when you’re cruising at warp speed, your keyboard can remain securely fastened to your metal desk.

3. Silver Seal Waterproof Keyboard Tap & Go

The Top-Secret Keyboard

This is the ultimate high-security keyboard. If you work for the government, handle sensitive medical records or really don’t want your girlfriend looking at your search history, this is the keyboard for you. This cool keyboard is actually sold to the FBI and CIA. You place a badge on the keyboard to sign onto the computer. Nuclear codes not included.

4. Silver Storm Washable Keyboard - STK503RED

The Red One

This keyboard is useful beyond the Georgia Bulldog fanbase. Its red color makes it an excellent differentiator for nurses’ downtime stations or to identify a clean terminal. Even a Florida Gator can find good use out of this keyboard.

5. Silver Seal Glow Waterproof Keyboard

For Migraines

This waterproof keyboard comes with all of Seal Shield’s standard anti-microbial product protection, yet it also serves another medical function. This keyboard is cool for migraine patients, who can be sensitive to bright light during a migraine headache. This backlit keyboard allows users to operate their device with the lights off and with lower screen brightness, while still being able to see the keyboard. This keyboard puts your computer on “migraine mode,” and makes for a more pleasant experience.

Here are the five keyboards from this article on the main Seal Shield website:

1. Cleanwipe™ Wireless Waterproof Keyboard - SSKSV099WV2
2. Seal Glow™ Silicone Keyboard Backlit Magnetic Backing - S106G2M
3. Silver Seal™ Waterproof Keyboard - SSKSV207RC13.56 (Tap & Go)
4. Silver Storm™ Washable Keyboard - STK503RED
5. Silver Seal™ Glow Waterproof Keyboard - SSWKSV207G

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