Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Mobile Phones are a Key Component of Transmitting Infections in 2019

In 2019, your phone is essentially an extension of your hands. It doesn’t leave your side… even when you’re at the toilet. Browsing the web and answering text messages is now a standard part of using the restroom. Seems harmless enough to just have that one moment at work where you can browse your phone and not have to worry about your boss looking over your shoulder at you slacking off.

Except fecal matter can now be found in 1 of 6 phones. And if you’re sure that your phone is one of the cleaner five, are you also sure that your friends’ phones are also immune to this hazardous lack of hygiene? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 80% of infections are transmitted through hands- of which our phones seem to be constantly glued to.

If you had to list the last ten items you’ve touched, odds are it would go something like: phone, watch, phone, soda can, phone, phone charger, remote control, light switch, thermostat, phone. This allows your phone to accumulate all the different harmful microorganisms from your household objects via your fingertips. And you may wash your hands, but once you touch your phone again it’s back to square one.

A big issue for some of the most popular phones is that their screens lack the ability to be cleaned properly. Utilizing the proper disinfection techniques that make the phones safe to use, also damage the screens and make them unusable.

This is why it’s necessary to spend a bit extra on a more effective protective film screen protector so that your phone screen can be cleaned properly. Most people will get a case to protect their phones from impact, but fail to realize that it’s just as important to protect oneself from things that can’t be seen with the naked eye. A quality screen protector will:
  • Protect your phone screen from impact and be scratch-resistant
  • Allow it to withstand harsh cleaning products
  • Feature anti-microbial product protection

Dr. Charles Gerba a microbiology professor at the University of Arizona says that “mobile phones are now mobile germ devices.” In that case, we must tackle modern problems with modern solutions.

Perhaps the most effective solution for this in 2019 is the latest Seal Screen technology from Seal Shield. It’s a custom screen protector that was designed with all of these factors in mind. They were built specifically for hospitals but can be purchased by consumers as well.