Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Seal Shield Awarded “Excellence in Performance Award for 2016” from CME

Seal Shield was proud to join the CME team as a vendor in 2015, providing them with new product lines which allowed them to talk to a new subset of customers within their existing customer base (including environmental services and nursing), as well as customers completely new to them (including IT and infection control).

Offering medical screen protectors, medical keyboards, and medical mice, Seal Shield has helped CME accomplish solution selling as Claflin Medical Equipment joined forces with Hospital Associates in California and RSI Equipment in New York, forming CME to complete their vision of a nationwide network of “one-stop-shop” healthcare equipment purchasing solution, backed by strong partners, such as Massachusetts Eye and Ear.

One of the biggest endeavors we are embarking on together is centered on mobility solutions, spanning from screen protectors for medical monitors of all sizes, as well as mobility management.  Seal Shield easily fits into an organization’s mobility plan, offering screen protectors that stand up to healthcare’s toughest cleaners (including bleach) which allow personnel the ability to disinfect screens and devices without interrupting workflow. Furthermore, Seal Shield offers the ability to manage a facility’s fleet of mobility, from RFID point to charging and syncing.  Products like the NovaBeam allows organizations to adopt a “bring your own device” policy, where devices of both practitioners and visitors can be quickly and effectively disinfected before entering patient rooms or wards, even down to visitors wanting to take pictures of newborns! 

Seal Shield’s screen protectors also pair well with CME’s refurbishment solutions.  Abrasive cleaners are a necessity in healthcare for disinfection purposes, but they can wreak havoc on patient monitors and screens, resulting in a loss on these large technological investments.  CME and Seal Shield are the most effective solution, allowing you to protect your tech investments at the time of purchase with the application of screen protectors, or by applying screen protectors during the refurbishment process to prevent future damages and down time.

Earlier this year, CME polled members of the company worldwide in customer service, executive operations, warehousing, and sales to identify the top 5 vendors who share their goal of “The Sky’s the Limit”.  These vendors included Welch Allyn, Midmark, MAC Medical, Howard Medical, and Seal Shield.  Each vendor in the top 5 was then judged on products, performance, service, and support to determine who contributed most to CME’s success and growth over the year.  At the CME Annual Conference, Seal Shield was identified as the top vendor in all of these categories and was awarded the “Excellence in Performance for 2016” award. 

Seal Shield couldn’t be more excited with having such a great partnership with CME and the solutions we are able to provide to create a safer and fiscally responsible environment around technology in healthcare, are extremely honored to receive this award, and look forward to a very bright future in continuing work with CME!

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